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EgisMail is a product of Applied Internet Communications Incorporated (AICS Global). Founded on the principals of personal privacy and high performance, EgisMail was designed to provide the safest most secure communications platform available and present it at the lowest possible price. EgisMail, the creation of Bill Allen, President and CEO of AICS Global, stands above other communications solutions in one very critical and important way: emphasis on your privacy.

Protecting your privacy IS our Business.

AICS Global got its start by a group of developers and investors who saw the need to restore personal privacy back into the internet experience. For years now major internet companies have made their fortunes by selling their clients personal information to third parties, who in turn, pay those companies to direct market their products back to those clients. It seems everything done online today is monitored by someone. That information is cataloged and profiled into marketing demographics and sold to the highest bidder

We Believe Your Private Information belongs to you!

How can these internet companies get away with collecting and selling your personal information? Well, it is in their user agreements. You gave them that right when you said "I Agree" to their user agreement in order to use their product. Our user agreement does not contain that type of language. We will not sell you out for a few advertising dollars.

We believe you have a right to be free from intrusive, unwanted advertising!

The EgisMail team has been built with that motto in mind. Security is paramount today and the dynamics of the EgisMail team reflect that goal.