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EgisMail - The Most Complete Secure Online Communication System Available

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EgisMail Web Mail

100% Secure anytime, anywhere email access, Spam management, Auto-responders, Calendaring, Tasking, Shared Address via any browser

EgisMail Web Mail provides users with the ability to access their email via a browser using an "Outlook 2002 or 2003" style interface as well as many others, or via their Wireless WAP-enabled device.

EgisMail Web Mail is an integrated service with EgisMail Mail Server and as a stand-alone product that runs on any windows machine and can connect to any existing POP/SMTP server.

It includes a built-in Web and WAP server engine with the Secure Socket Layer Protocol (SSL) for your security and supports any national charsets such as English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese and many others.

EgisMail Web Mail runs on all major platforms and browsers, supports SMTP/POP3/IMAP4/HTTP Internet protocols and has a spell checker, Remote Web Administration, any attachment support, private and shared address books, groups, signatures, multiple mail server support and many other powerful options.

EgisMail Web Mail will exceed the expectations of even the most demanding and sophisticated customers.

   Main Features
  • Multi domain support  
  • Remote web administration  
  • Spell checker  
  • Group support  
  • Fully customizable  
  • Outlook 2002 & 2003 like  
  • TCP/IP Protocols - SMTP/POP3/IMAP4  
  • Any mail server integration  
  • Multiple file attachments  
  • SSL  
  • Header/Footer, Address book importing  
  • And many, many, more
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The highest quality, feature-rich Groupware calendar server on the Internet with anytime/anywhere synchronized access via a web browser or Microsoft Outlook

EgisMail Mail Server's Groupware solution is extremely fast, secure, cost-effective, easy to deploy and completely integrated with EgisMail Mail Server, EgisMail's Integrated Web mail and MS Outlook 2000/2002/XP/2003.

EgisMail GroupWare is licensed per user and is the most cost-effective Groupware solution available on the market today. EgisMail Professional comes with a free 6-user Groupware license that also applies to existing EgisMail Mail Server Professional customers within their 1 year free upgrade period.


Powerful Yet Simple to Install

Our solution provides organizations with instant out-of-the-box (useable upon installation) single-point collaborative access from any location within your organization's Intranet or via any point in the world over the Internet.

Ready for the Enterprise

EgisMail GroupWare is ready for demanding Enterprise environments and is:



  Multi-server (load-balanceable)

  Extremely fast

  Secure communications (SSL)

  Ready for all future protocols such as CAP, iTIP, iMIP & iCAL

  Extremely cost-effective

  Easy to upgrade (for existing EgisMail Mail Server customers)

  Integrates with MS Outlook 2000/2002/XP/2003

Unique and Innovative Features

With unique and innovative features such as server-side calendaring, contacts, object sharing, reminders and daily event notifications that occur even when the end user is disconnected, EgisMail GroupWare will satisfy the needs of any organization or ISP, large or small, and provide even the most sophisticated users with the functionality that they require.

Anytime/Anywhere Access

Any user can access and maintain their calendaring records from any place in the world over the Internet, ensuring:

  Significantly improved employee productivity.

  Increased collaboration across organizational & schedule boundaries

  Secure organization collaboration.

  Users never miss any appointment or event whether they are in or out of the office.

100% Standards Compatible and ready for custom integration

EgisMail's GroupWare solution is 100% XML and Database driven and compatible with almost all ODBC compliant databases including Microsoft Access (installed by default), Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle. Also included is an easy-to-maintain API that provides access to all Groupware records.

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Enterprise IM/AV

Give your community the joy of sight and sound with EgisChat AV Enterprise. Based on EgisChat's industry-leading chat software platform, the introduction of audio and video chat opens the door to a new form of online communication and collaboration. By being able to capture tone, inflection and expression, conversations become richer and more personal... breathing life into your online community!

EgisChat AV was created as a Web conferencing software to address the conferencing needs of business, education, non-profit and personal entities.

EgisChat AV Enterprise and AV/IM Enterprise bring the power of audio (voice) chat communication to the masses. EgisChat users can now communicate with each other seamlessly and easily using our EgisChat AV voice module. Our simple-to-use controls allow you to initiate a voice chat from the standard EgisChat user list or during a private text conversation. Continue to text chat in public rooms or multiple private text messages, while you voice chat.

Using an efficient and industry standard codec (compression algorithm), EgisChat AV and AV/IM can make voice chat connections using any broadband connection. All you need to get started is a microphone.

EgisChat AV's internal codec is designed to compress voice at bitrates ranging from 2 to 44 kbps and includes the following features:

  • Narrowband (8 kHz), wideband (16 kHz) and ultra-wideband (32 kHz) compression in the same bitstream
  • Intensity stereo encoding
  • Packet loss concealment
  • Variable bitrate operation (VBR)
  • Voice Activity Detection (VAD)
  • Discontinuous Transmission (DTX)
  • In-progress fixed-point port

EgisChat AV allows for three levels of voice quality (configurable by the end user) at the following bandwidth requirements: Good - 22 kbps, Better - 33 kbps, Best - 44 kbps. EgisChat AV will automatically configure itself to the lowest common bandwidth setting to ensure a successful connection across a range of connection types.

Online meetings can take the next step with EgisChat's integration of full-motion video chat (web cam chat). The addition of video to EgisChat takes interaction to the most personal level by capturing tone, inflection and expression. With built-in support for most types of Web cams and a variety of useful tools such as freeze frame, private messaging and file transfer, EgisChat AV Enterprise brings you the future of video chat communication today!

In order to use video chat, you will need a Web cam and microphone (most Web cams feature built-in microphones). EgisChat AV features support for a wide range of NAT and personal router configurations as well as most wireless routers, making it the premier video chat solution.

Video Chat Specifications
Codec: H.263 ITU-standard specification
The H.263 standard, published by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), supports video compression (coding) for video-conferencing and video-telephony applications.

  • Quantization
  • Entropy encoding/decoding
  • Motion compensation
  • Bit rate control
  • Broadcast Synchronization

Implementing an audio video solution to your online community is certain to deliver a desirable ROI for you business, but more importantly to your bottom line revenues.

A considerable amount of our development is based on the feedback and suggestions of customers and the chat software industry as a whole. While we have taken huge steps in making EgisChat the chat software of choice for many Fortune companies, as well as startups, we realize that there may be features or services that require custom development.

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Audio Chat (VoIP)

EgisChat AV makes crystal-clear Voice over IP a reality. Talk to anyone, anywhere, without long distance phone charges!

Video Conferencing

Now you can really chat face-to-face. EgisChat's video now makes fun chat more personal and business conferencing more effective.

Moderated Events

Invite your visitors to interact with a guest speaker while maintaining control through sophisticated tools for event management.

New Interface

Friendly, intuitive and functional, EgisChat's GUI includes many new features while staying true to our legendary simplicity and appeal

BOT Support

BOTs can extend the capability of the core product...a Weather BOT for example could report conditions to people in the chat.